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I have a tilted uterus and during my last pregnancy, I lost 6 liters of blood. I almost died. I can’t have this baby. Why don’t they understand that? By

Weeping client talking to me today.  They tried to goad her companion into a fist fight so they could call the police and have him arrested, therefore she couldn’t have the procedure.

She was crying and screaming for them to leave her alone.  They wouldn’t, and her companion got angry.

I told her that I have no idea why they can’t understand it.  My guess is, that they don’t care about you or your partner, only the fetus that could kill you.

She was very upset, so I let her and her companion wait in my car.  She thanked me and said “I’m glad you are here.  He would have hit that guy if you all had not walked with us”.

She walked into the clinic tear free, but still with anti’s trailing behind her shouting.  The escort presence gave her space and a buffer from the harassment.

That is why I escort.  That is why I do it.

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